October 8, 2010

Do one thing everyday that scares you.

This is the reason why one sunny weekday afternoon, as I was listening to the radio while driving to work, I started bawling my eyes out for 5 minutes straight.

I first heard this "song" when I was about 15 years old.  I remember thinking how "cool" it was, how profound it was.  I even remember thinking how much I thought I could relate to it. Boy, was I wrong.  I didn't realize then how much lay ahead of me.

Cut to 12 years later, to that weekday afternoon, when I realized how much has happened in those 12 years. See, when I was 15, almost everything in the song was just a concept to me... but they were concepts that I believed in.  Some were just common sense.  That's why I thought I could "relate" to it.  When I heard this song again that sunny weekday afternoon, it amazed me how many times I found myself nodding along, not (just) because the beat was catchy, but because I agreed (somewhat strongly) with most of what was being said. I agreed not anymore because they were just concepts, but most of them were already realities I had experienced.  I nodded with such enthusiasm as a series of flashbacks and realizations played in my mind with every piece of advice that struck a chord. A lot of them were painful, some made me want to give myself a pat on the back, and most were just bittersweet. Hence, the 5-minute waterfall.

Everyone goes through a confusing, hair-pulling, deep-sigh-inducing phase. Call it Quarter Life Crisis. Call it Saturn Return. Call it whatever you want. It's just one hell of a big confusing question mark missing puzzle piece. (Yes, it's that confusing.)  This song somehow helps you get through it. Well maybe not get through it, but it does help give you some peace of mind. And believe me, "some" is more than enough.

It just takes 5 minutes to listen to this... Trust me, it's worth it.

I suggest listening to this without reading the lyrics first. Just let it sink in, one piece of advice at a time. If you do decide to listen and read along, don't try to read ahead.  You can find the lyrics here.


  1. SHIVERS. Thank you for this. I almost cried watching it. :) Can I share this on my blog?