January 12, 2011

Making a list, checking it thrice.

First of all, I wish everyone an awesome 2011! :D

Okay, now for my longest blog entry ever...

I'm turning 30 in 3 years. As much as I don't want to be emotional and crazy about it, it has got me thinking. I always thought that I'd be married by the time I was 25, and by now I'd probably have my first child. By 30, I'd have a little family of my own. I thought I'd be working for a company I love for at least 5 years. I would've travelled to several (okay, not several but maybe a few) countries by then.

But as life inevitable throws us curve balls most of the time, I am quite far away from that.

Don't get me wrong. I may be far away, but I'm not in a bad place. Not at all. Quite the opposite, really. I have my lovely family, my health, a new job that I'm starting to really, really love, I have my good, good friends, and I have never been happier. I must say, I'm still on the right track. Just a few years behind.

Nevertheless, it would be nice to have a more concrete plan. So here I am, creating a list of must-dos before I turn 30.  This is a very tailored list, so none of those "know my life's direction" yada yada yada. That's already a given. No shoulda, woulda, couldas by the time I get to the big 3-0.

So without further ado, I now present to you my "30 before 30" list:

  • Go to Japan.  Cherry blossoms. Studio Ghibli Museum. OH TOKYO. Lost in Translation moments. THE FOOD. Need I say more?
  • Catch up on Ghibli.  Speaking of the Studio Ghibli Museum, I must catch up on my Ghibli watching. I'm not even saying how many I've seen. I just have to watch all of them by the time I head over to the land of the rising sun.
  • Write a children's book. This has always been a frustration of mine, and so far all I have is a title. So by hook or by crook, I shall do this before the deadline.
  • Get promoted. I've never stayed long enough at a company to get promoted. I always felt like the administrations I'd been working for had principles way different from mine. Let's just leave it at that. I'm very lucky to have found a company now that looks in the same direction as I do. To make things even better, I love everything else about it: my learners, my colleagues, my bosses, my office, and my schedule. So, I'm hoping I stay here a while. Or more. :)
  • Maintain my rule of thirds. As I do each item on the list, I'll be crossing them off here. I just hope this blog's around for three more years to document everything. 

    • Be someone's official girlfriend (and have him be proud of it.) I will always, always be first and foremost a cheesy hopeless romantic. I'm seriously starting to think that that's not a very good thing. So before I get totally jaded, I will be with the Nick to my Norah, the Joel to my Clementine, the Bob to my Charlotte... (I was about to say the Tom to my Summer, but...)
    • Be able to declare my love for someone if and whenever I want to. Note the parenthetical expression above. Now, lemme elaborate on this one. I'm not one to care about what other people (except my family) think of my relationship. I don't need his status to be declared "in a relationship" with me. I don't need him to introduce me as his girlfriend to every single person he sees. *BUT* I do need to know that if he wanted to do all those public declarations of luuuurve, he could. Then knowing that he could do that, I'll be able to do this item as well. Again, I don't *have* to do all those things either. It's just nice to know that if I wanted to, I could. (I've never been able to do this, so this is quite a big deal for me... and therefore part of this list. *bow*)
    • Slow dance. I've always thought that slow dancing is one of the most romantic things any couple can do. There's something about the closeness and the music and knowing that the music is not going to last for a long time so you have to take advantage of the moment to say everything at the right time... *catches breath*...along with the music and the closeness. I love it, too, because it's one of those moments when you actually have a soundtrack.  Sure, I've slow danced before, but not slow danced, slow danced.  Just "debut-slow danced." That doesn't count.
    • Write at least three more songs.  So far, I've written... two. And I don't even remember how the first one goes. I always think I have a good idea to write a song about, but it always, always remains that way -- an idea. 
    • Submit a demo. I was once considered to be a newscaster at a certain radio station. (Made it to the third screening.) Then, I was thisclose (okay, maybe this   close) to passing an audition as a DJ at another. I just feel like if I don't give this one more shot, I'll regret it for the rest of my life. I'm not keeping my hopes up, but at least I won't kick myself in the ass ten years from now for not giving it one last shot.

      • Go to Boracay once a year. My friends started this tradition about two years ago. I had the opportunity to join them for the first time last year. It was a one-of-a-kind experience. We have one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. Why not take advantage of that? 
      • Bring my family to Tuscany. No, not that Tuscany. I wish! (Give me a few more years, maybe? Hehe.) There's this little place called Marcia Adams' in Tagaytay that is just love. My family, especially my mom, would love it there, methinks. 
      • Classroom-teach again. Preferably literature. I love my current job, but sometimes, I miss teaching in front of people you can actually see and interact with. I'd love to classroom-teach again. Just part-time.   
      • Financially invest in something.  Aside from my trip to Japan, I plan to invest in something. Like a house. Or a... I haven't really decided yet.
      • Reach my target savings fund.  So far, so good.

        • Learn to cook a kick-ass savory dish.  As of this moment, I can't cook to save my life. Like cook, cook. Sure, I make a mean mango float (Oh yes, I do.) but my cooking "prowess" just about ends there.  I'm thinking I'll study making a mean pasta dish... Whaaat? Baby steps, baby steps.
        • Learn to make BTS. I need to add more to the list of desserts I can make. Learning to make BTS will bring the grand total of desserts I can make to... two. 
        • Try exotic (and I mean, exotic) cuisine. Like rabbit or bear or rotten shark. GAH. One of my favorite topics to talk about with my students is food. As most of them come from France, I always hear stories about rabbits, horses, ducks, and frogs. Not as pets. This has certainly piqued my interest in waaay exotic cuisine. Where do I find this here, though? Any suggestions?
        • Learn to put on make-up.  I don't wear full-on make-up often. Only when I have to. And when I do have to, I have my make-up done at a salon.  It would be nice to be able to know how to do this on my own, though. I have a feeling I'll be attending some weddings in the next few years. ;)
        • Throw a party. I've always wanted to throw a big (okay, medium-sized) birthday party. The last time I had a party was almost 10 years ago. During the past 3 or 4 years, I found myself in between jobs during my birth month so I didn't really feel too comfortable spending my savings on a party then. Now that the situation has changed, I think I'll be able to throw that medium-sized birthday party on my 28th. :D

          • Find my next "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist," "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," "(500) Days of Summer," or "Lost in Translation." I've watched all these films more than 5 times each. (Nick and Norah holds the record at 12.) I can't wait to find the next film that'll make me want to watch it over and over and over and over...
          • Watch a kick-ass concert or gig.  The last time I watched a gig that really got me high (a natural high) was back in my college days.  The band that brought about that indescribable feeling (soaring, tumbling, freewheeling?) has long since "disbanded," and I haven't found any replacements since then.
          • Be in a band. We don't even have to play gigs. We could just jam at home whenever we wanted to. I'm sure I could get my natural high from this, too.
          • Learn a new piano piece. The only pieces I can play by heart are "Beauty and Madness" by Fra Lippo Lippi and "Gone" by Jim Chappell.  I can also play the first half of "Ballad Pour Adeline" (aka the theme song of Lovingly Yours, Helen) and the intro of MacGyver's theme. Yes. I need to add more to my "repertoire."
          • Do Project 365 in the year 2012 2013. I just have a feeling it's going to be kick-ass year. ;)

            • Clean out my closet. It's a garage sale waiting to happen. Lezdothis. Let's make it happen.
            • Get a physical. (Mind the article.) I don't like hospitals or clinics. I get woozy at the sight of blood. I get reaaaally uncomfortable when I have to take off articles of clothing for a check up. But yes, yes I know I have to get a physical again at my age. So there.
            • Stop being such a worrywart./Stop overthinking things.  Two words. Analysis paralysis.
            • Seize the day more often. *stands up on desk* Oh captain, my captain!
            • Fold a thousand paper cranes. I've always been fond of origami, my masterpiece being a shrimp. Yes, a shrimp. Then, I became particularly fond of paper cranes after I encountered the story of Sadako. (No, not THAT one.) Borrowing an idea from a friend, I shall be decorating my future wedding with paper cranes, a thousand of which I folded myself (maybe with a little help from my future husband, too?) :D 

            Here's to crossing off all these items before the big 3-0! (All I can cross for now are my fingers.)
            Now... What's on YOUR list? :)



            1. You can do this!!!!!!!!!!! I fully support you. :D

            2. I absolutely love your list!!! :) Wonder if I can come up with mine..

            3. @Toni: Thank youuuuu! Make yours, too! No procrastinating! Hahaha! :D

              @Igiboo: (This is Igiboo, right? I couldn't access your profile. Hehe.) Thank you, toooo! :) Yes, yes, of course you can! Game game. :D

            4. Yez! It's indeed, Igiboo. ;P
              Sige, let's see if I can make one. :D