January 1, 2014

Day 04 - A Song That Makes You Sad

Sara Bareilles - Gravity

Seems a bit heavy to start the new year with "a song that makes you sad", but since this is where I left off when I accepted this challenge 2 years ago (2 years!!!), I shall go ahead.

You know that person whom no matter what you go through, you just keep coming back to? Then you get all confused because you think they're "The One", but somehow, the universe just won't fall into place. It's always the wrong place at the wrong time. And no matter how much you tried forgetting about this person, whenever they come back, it just feels like home. But somehow you're not allowed in.

Yeah, I had that. So imagine the bawling that occurred when I first heard this song.


The good news is that's all over now. What I once thought was a no-way-out, dead-end situation is now just a thing of the past. (How? See my previous post.)

I'm still human though, and this song - doesn't matter if you can relate to it or not - just has the FEELS, man.

On a lighter note, my first encounter of this song was on Community and honestly I couldn't take the song seriously at first. Here's why:

And on that note, Community starts with a new season tomorrow!!!

Yaaay!! What were we talking about again?

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