April 9, 2012

Lessons from Mr. Miyagi

Have you ever had one of those days when you just don't understand why certain things are happening (or not happening for that matter)? Days when you can't seem to fathom the relevance of certain events?  Yes, (yes,) and yes.

When these days happen, I hardly ever lash out or blow up. I try to bite my tongue. I try to keep my kewl. I try to look on the bright side. Sometimes, though, I think, what's the point? Why should I put all this effort into keeping quiet when it would be sooooo much easier to just release the Kraken... of emotions. (Heh.)

Because of this, I have chosen to adopt a new mindset. Whenever frustrations start building up and I feel the question, "What the hell...?" about to escape from my lips, I think of this picture ---

When a person acts unnecessarily bitchy/mean to me, and I choose to be the bigger person... wax on.
When someone gets on my nerves, and I bite my tongue from saying bad things about/to them... wax off.
When a reckless driver disrespectfully swerves in front of me and cuts me off, and I don't swear or give him/her the finger... wax on.
When I realize that I'm past a quarter of a century but am still going through a quarter life crisis, and I don't break down... wax off.

I want to believe that all these -- the frustrations, the pointlessness of some events, the patience-testers -- are all going to play a part in a grand future event when I can utilize all these skills, skills that I didn't even know I was developing. They are just preparing me for something bigger in the future -- some situation, event, job, or person that I wouldn't think I'd be able to face or handle, when suddenly...

I'll be ready for you, bigass badass future event that'll probably try to sweep my leg.

Wax on.

Images: Daniel and Mr Miyagi, Moment of RealizationSweep the Leg

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